Age Of Empires III – Preview

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It's been a long time since the last Age of Empires. The fans await with great anticipation this new sequel, especially because of the beautiful, story like graphics, screenshots and trailers.

For those of you who have been waiting for something completely new, you're in for a disappointment. With a few exceptions and the introduction of a new feature you will see nothing revolutionary.

Age of Empires III picks up where its predecessor, the Age of Kings, left it. Focusing on the colonizing of the Americas, AoE 3 follows the actions of the European powers as they strive to carve out their influence on the New World. The time period covered by AoE 3 allows an interesting mix of medieval and gunpowder-early steam-age technologies.

You will be able to play 8 powers, each with its distinctive gameplay (not sufficient, as you might notice) and a multitude of units. Unfortunately, they don't differ much from other RTS games that have surfaced this days and which cover the same time periods. On account of this, Ensemble Studios decided to introduce the new feature we were talking about - The Home City- which actually looks like the castle in Heroes of Might and Magic, which you can access anytime. [read full review]

This is a good review, might want to take a look and read through the lines as I did :). Of course, the images are the ones that catch our attention. And I don't recommend reading the review just because it's written by a Romanian ;).

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