Age of Empires III Patch 1.05

Age of Empires III patch 1.05
Age of Empires III Patch 1.05 contains the latest updates. This is not a stand-alone patch, meaning you can only get it through the game's menu. Click Help and Tools then click Update Game to get the latest version.
Below is a list of changes in the new version, you can get the full list from AgeCommunity.


  • Added Power Rating to ESO

  • Added Stand ground to the game

  • Attack move button and hotkey added

  • Hispaniola, a new random map has been added

  • Recorded game playback improved significantly

  • Added Option for minimized multiplayer chat

  • Added games list filtering options

  • Added Option to save games list filter settings


  • Numerous fixes to attack move command

  • Numerous balance changes

  • Numerous changes to home city cards

  • Deathmatch games now have reveal map on

  • Deathmatch - Starting crates removed from most maps

  • Fixed an issue where watching a recorded game overwrote home cities

  • Playing an old saved single player game should no longer revert your home city to the older state

  • Ranged Cavalry Caracole now applies to all ranged cavalry

  • Native American Treaties card now creates the right number of Natives

  • Added support for removing the larger pause dialog. Add 'hidepopups' to your user.cfg

  • Added support for modifying custom random map names and text


  • Custom game setup now shows if a game is rated, not rated, no XP

  • Added <escape>, <enter>, mouse wheel scroll and double click functionality to numerous spots in ESO

  • Changing #players will unready everyone

  • Typing in chat and switching to a different ESO window no longer erases the text

  • Many Clan chat fixes

  • Clan change, you may only demote someone that is below your rank, you may only promote someone that is two ranks below you

  • Two players that do not have their routers properly set up can no longer join the same game.

  • Fixed numerous issues with joining and creating a clan

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